Travel Insurance -Multi- Trip

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Travel Insurance -Multi- Trip

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance


Travel twice a year or more? Choose DiveAssure’s annual multi-trip travel program to cover all types of vacations outside your country of residence. Program includes coverage for both diving and non-diving related evacuation and medical expenses including hyperbaric treatments and also trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection, lost baggage and much more.

Why Buy an Annual Multi-Trip Plan?


Convenience: Get coverage for all your trips outside your country of residence– both dive trips, vacations and other sport trips or any other trip abroad – under one policy.

Saving: Save on your travel insurance. If you go on two or more trips a year, covering all your travel under one policy will save you money.

Please Note: When purchasing both an Annual Multi-trip Travel plan and an annual Diving Accident Plan – the ultimate combination, you will be covered year round for all your travel (whether dive-travel or any other travel) and diving activities. The coverage provided by the 2 policies is cumulative, making your protection even higher.
Multi - Trip Deluxe
Policy Limit
Emergency Medical Expenses
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Cancellation and Interruption- Comprehensive Coverage
Lost Diving Days due to Medical Inability to Dive
$100/500 (day/total)
Lost Diving Days due to Weather
$150/450 (day/total)
Money and Documents
Loss of Passport
Travel Delay
Missed Departure/Connections
Legal Expenses
Repatriation of Remains
Travel Assistance
ATM Theft
Up to $500

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